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Who Are The Lions of Liberty

We are a resolute nucleus of concerned, passionate conservative patriots who are determined to correct the course of our country which has been hijacked and undermined by global elites, communists, leftists, deep state bureaucrats, and fake news.

The overwhelming perversions that dictate our world today must be rectified.

The treason and war crimes must be held to the most severe consequences of accountability—

We will NOT back down, give up or apologize for what

we must do to win this fight.

Our Goals

To bring God back to our leadership and win this spiritual battle for the soul of our nation; 

To unite conservative groups;

To expose and replace those that are Republican In Name Only (R.I.N.O.s);

To vet and support Candidates running for elected positions from local to national.

They must be true to their constituents - or face dire consequences;

To give people hope for the future and actionable strategies to engage the enemy;

To restore and preserve the sanctity of this Republic and our voting system for the generations to come;

To support and defend the Constitution and our God given rights therein;

And to this end we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our Sacred Honor.


Signed by:

Toby Fox, Bruce Mounsey, Jim Arroyo, Brian Mounsey,
Lucas Cilano, James Johnson, Nick Cilano 


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